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DON’T OVERLOOK YOUR TASKBAR Have you ever felt that your browser was missing some feature or capability that would enhance its productivity in a particular instance? How about being able to take a snapshot of a screenpage or item on your screen of interest to a particular article you may be writing? How about being…

By admin December 13, 2018 4

Setting up your System for Safe, Effective Home-computing

Gearing up to go Online I am aware that many of you reading this may not have your own computer system at home at present. You may be in the process of purchasing one or somehow getting one. Be aware that owning a home computer requires the process of setting it up for internet usage.…

By Muhammad October 19, 2018 0

Several uses of Highlighted Text

What is highlighted Text You may no-doubt have run across portions of highlighted text in your day-to-day routine reading. This special text, of differing background, color or typeface, routinely inserted in written sentences, is designed to elicit some particular reaction from the reader. It may be to indicate emphasis or needed action, but every reader…

By Muhammad September 27, 2018 0

The Computer – Know What You’ve Got.

 A MECHANICAL CHAMELEON There are few things you possess that you may not be able to identify or describe what they are. The computer is certainly one instrument that defies conventional description. In an effort to describe what it is, once and for all, I finally decided to attempt to define it. Like a character…

By Muhammad July 31, 2018 0

How To Tranfer Photo-Files (continued)

I have already shown you one of the simplest methods of file transfer available to you. There are a few more that you may find useful, depending on your level of expertise and your need to transfer files between your camera or phone and your computer storage receptors. Windows(tm) has undergone so many revisions that…

By Muhammad July 20, 2018 0

How To Transfer Photos from Your Phone To Your PC

A photo is said to be worth a thousand words. To most of us, it’s worth much more. It’s capturing precious memories, an irreversible moment in time, a fleeting slice of life frozen in time forever.. unless lost through poor storage. Poor storage has been the bane of the photographer for ages, until the arrival…

By Muhammad July 5, 2018 0

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