How The Lessons Are Structured – Lesson 1

How The Lessons Are Structured – Lesson 1

May 18, 2018 4 By Muhammad


These lessons assume that the user is completely new to the computer world. The early lessons shall cover terms and equipment most new users often misunderstand. If using the equipment may be a little confusing, then examples are given.  It is assumed the reader has a home computer with an internet connection. Every lesson is built upon the preceding one. Skipping lessons are permitted. There are no quizzes, but practice is highly recommended. These lessons assume that the user wants to be able to operate the computer as quickly as possible, so historical and technical lessons  are omitted. These lessons are activity-based. Our aim is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Questions and comments will be valuable feedback that will enable us to know how functional the lessons are.

Warning: For your safety, Please always ensure a functioning anti-virus program is installed on machines accessing the internet. These can be gotten free of charge from or for example.

The Adventure Begins

The world of computing is fun. It can sometimes be frustrating but with time it becomes fun. Take as much time as you need to learn the basics: the keyboard and the mouse operations. Computers come in a variety of shapes and sizes so don’t be confused if yours does not look like those in the picture. Every computer has a keyboard and a mouse to input information. It communicates with the user mainly through it’s display screen (called a monitor). The keyboard is similar to that of the typewriter (of old), so feel free to get in some typing practice. Learn the placement of the keys; this will be quite helpful. Don’t worry about typing speed in the early period of your training, Get comfortable with using the keyboard. Notice that the keyboard has a special set of keys at the bottom called mouse keys or a touch-pad.

a wireless mouse

a wireless mouse

These mimic the actions of the mouse. Initially, they may slow your usage of the keyboard, but in time they will become quite comfortable. Mouse keys usually show your progress as you type. They control the  little arrow on the screen (the cursor) which shows your position. They have other functions which are programmed into each key separately.  Discover these functions by tapping each key once or twice (rapidly) and note what happens. You will be using these functions quite often as we go through these lessons.

screen symbols of programs

programs on a computer

The computer is a multipurpose tool. Every computer requires you to put in a structured series of instructions before it can perform the task wanted. These instructions are called programs and depending on the nature of the program, it’s activity changes. There are a wide variety of programs to perform almost any task you may desire, from turning your computer into a typewriter to a piano, or anything else desired. Some of these programs may be obtained at no cost (freeware) while others must be paid for. Your computer is essentially a programmable instrument. This is its secret. It can be whatever you want based on its available programming. Throughout these lessons, I shall suggest useful programs that will enhance your computing proficiency. Some of these programs will be of the paid variety. Feel free to acquire them if you can. Your ultimate expertise is not dependent on having these programs at your disposal.

one of a series of modern day computers

A laptop computer

some modern computers: a laptop, a tablet, a cellphone

some modern computers: a laptop, a tablet, a cellphone

Activity for Lesson 1: Practice using the keyboard and mouse.

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