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In this tutorial on computing for beginners, we shall focus on how to use the internet ( worldwide collection of computers) to download (take from other computers) and install (put on your computer) programs for free. This is one of the many amazing functions that make a personal computer such a fantastic tool. We have so far discussed familiarizing ourselves with the keyboard and mouse (main input devices for interacting with the computer). In the previous lesson, we discussed what are programs and the role they serve for the computer. In this tutorial, we shall show you how to get many programs for free using the internet and how to put them on your own computer. Please ensure that your computer is fully protected from malicious software before attempting this lesson. You should have a working antivirus (protective) program already operating on your computer.

how to access the internet

To access the internet, perform the following steps:

  • turn on your computer and, using the mouse, find your browser (internet access program – may be Internet explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc);
  • Double-click on the left-side key to activate the program;
  • The program should display a mostly blank page with an address or search bar across the top;
  • The bar should request an address; since we may not know where the programs we want are, we shall type what we are looking for in the search bar;
  • Tap the ENTER key on the keyboard and the computer should display several destinations on the monitor. These destinations are a list of websites (internet destinations) where the programs can be found.

how to search for programs

Now that we have potential destinations for our task, carefully read and choose one. Some websites are safer than others, hence the reason for having an antivirus program on your system. Usually websites such as Google, Microsoft and Apple sites are considered safest to visit. This does not discredit the safety of other websites. The internet works on a ranking system. (More on this at a later stage). READ carefully the information on the site’s front page, and if you are satisfied, proceed to choose your desired program. Each program displays a DOWNLOAD tab. Left-click only once. You should be taken to another page listing the features of the program. Somewhere on your monitor, you will be informed about the status of your program download. If asked to “Run or “Save” the program, always choose “Save”. This prevents accidental operation of a malicious program on your system. A word of caution: There are such things as malicious programs (malware) available on the internet. Never second-guess your antivirus program. Heed its advice immediately!

how to select and download programs

When searching for programs on the internet (hereinafter called the “web”), the programs you encounter will be either “paid” or “free”. Be specific in declaring which type you are seeking. If not stated, expect that the programs you are shown are of the “paid” variety. Also, note that most malware are disguised as or attached to “free” programs. This info is not to scare or deter you; unfortunately, it’s just a fact of life today. In selecting (or choosing) a program from a website, be very careful to only click on the SELECT tab only once. The mouse interprets a double-click as a RUN (operate) command and will OPEN the program for operation immediately. This will give you no room to check the program with your own antivirus first, never a good thing. Once you click SELECT, you should be notified or taken to a page to verify that your correct program has been selected. Once you agree, the program files will be downloaded (taken from other computer) into your DOWNLOADS folder of your computer. You can then examine it with your own antivirus program to verify its suitability to use on your own computer. This is a procedure I always recommend to avoid malware infections.

how to install programs

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Once the program is satisfactory to operate on your computer, it is time to configure (set up) the files through its installation program. Up to this point, you have only downloaded the program’s files to your computer but you haven’t allowed it to create the conditions to perform its task yet. Double-click on the icon with the left-side of the mouse to activate the installation program. The program should activate and keep you informed of what it is doing and where it is placing the files. This should continue until it is finished and tells you so. Congratulations! You have installed your first program. Your program should now be ready for your use.

how to activate and relocate programs

This brings us to the conclusion of our tutorial on how to find and install programs using the internet. You should now be able to set up your computer to your own taste. All programs operate in a similar way to those that came with your machine when you first got it. The mouse functions which you have already learned should have the same effects on new programs, so should the keyboard unless otherwise stated. Remember, your computer is a programmed instrument and any key can be redirected to other than its major customary function. To operate your new program, simply left-click on its icon, operate it as directed and to close the program, simply left-click on the “x” at the top far right of the page.  One last command we have to discuss is the method for relocating icons on the desktop (screen, monitor). You simply place the mouse on an icon, left-click and hold the mouse key. You can then drag the icon to where-ever you want to relocate it. When you are satisfied with its new location, let go of the key. That’s it. Have fun with your new skills.

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