How To Tranfer Photo-Files (continued)

How To Tranfer Photo-Files (continued)

July 20, 2018 0 By Muhammad

I have already shown you one of the simplest methods of file transfer available to you. There are a few more that you may find useful, depending on your level of expertise and your need to transfer files between your camera or phone and your computer storage receptors. Windows(tm) has undergone so many revisions that its services are rapidly being revised daily, so by the time you read this, don’t be surprised to find that it has been modified again. The methods shown here work on the latest version of Windows 10  (win  1803 Build 17134.165), and may work for you also.

This simple method makes use of the charger cable to provide a physical link to the phone or camera.This provides a visual layout of the camera’s or phone’s internal file storage. This allows you to select and transfer all photofiles through a direct copy of the folder containing the desired photo(s)..

How To Perform This Process

  • Connect your phone cable to the PC. On connecting, the PC should display a message confirming the connection.
  • On the phone, scroll down to find the connection options. You will be prompted for the connection options. Tap the phone and select the option to transfer photos.
  •  On your PC, select the Library folder icon from the lower left icons at the bottom of your monitor. This will list all folders and devices available to you. Scroll down on the left until you find your device’s icon pertaining to your phone or camera.
  •  Doubleclick the relevant icon to open a view of its internal icons.
  • Doubleclick the “DCIM” folder to expose the “Camera” folder. This will contain only photo-files stored physically on your camera and not yet transferred. You can verify the files by double-clicking the camera folder. If you want an older file, use the bluetooth option below.
  • Hold your Shift button and click on the top left picture and the bottom right picture to select all files revealed or hold the “ctrl” button to select additional individual photos to transfer.
  •  Click the right mouse key and select “Copy” to copy files to the folder of your choice
  •  Highlight the folder of choice and copy normally. The files are transferred instantly.
  • Alternatively, you can highlight the entire “Camera” folder to transfer every camera file contained in it to your photos folder.

Using Bluetooth

No cables or want a wireless method? Try transferring files using the Bluetooth function of both your phone and PC. Note; This method is slower than the cable transfer method. Turn on your Bluetooth function on your phone by selecting the function from your screen (if available). If it is not turned on, simply tap the bluetooth icon on the screen and that should enable it. Alternatively, it can be turned on via the phone settings menu. Also turn on your computer’s bluetooth device. If not already turned on by default, select “settings” from the menu and select “bluetooth and other devices” from the available choices. You will be prompted to select devices. Do so and you will be shown a list of discovered devices. Select the item you wish to pair (join). Follow the prompts given until you receive the ok. Turning on bluetooth can also be done by clicking on the action box icon to the farthest right on the bottom of your monitor. Select the bluetooth icon. Both your devices should now be connected.

Performing A Bluetooth Transfer

  1. Prepare your PC for file transfer by clicking on the “^” and select the bluetooth icon at the bottom right hand side of the monitor.
  2. A dialog box opens up and displays your choices. Choose “receive a file” to select a file for transfer.
  3. Open your phone’s photo-library. Select the photo you wish to transfer. Click the bluetooth icon beneath it. It will display a checkmark.
  4.  You will be prompted for the destination.  Tap the bluetooth icon.
  5. The prompt may display your PC’s alias. Tap the alias and the transfer begins immediately.
  6. You should see a dialog on the computer showing where the file will be placed. You may change that as desired.
  7. Click the bluetooth icon on the bottom of your screen to view the status of the transfer. Click “finish” and your file is transferred to the desired location. 
  8. NB: It is necessary to specify whether you want to “receive” or “send” a file before attempting a transfer. This method works best if your charging cables are not available or there are few photo files to transfer.

Your Possibilities Are Endless

Having access to a PC gives far more options than taking photographs the old-fashioned way. With options, you can explore the true artist within you. Having access to PC technology, allows you to accomplish feats you would never have imagined without the flexibility that PC technology places in your hands. Your possibilities are endless. With the technology in hand and the ability to acquire more through computer programs, you can expose the entire world to your creativity and genius. NO LONGER DO YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH LIMITS! It is possible that if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. That is the possibility that computer technology offers to those who use it to overcome their limitations. What miracles can you picture yourself creating with your expanding knowledge of PC technology? Leave a comment below and let’s explore the surging possibilities of it.

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