Piano Wizard Review

Piano Wizard Review

June 29, 2018 3 By Muhammad

I admit that this review has been a bit long in coming, but it is worth it. I mentioned a piece of software called Piano Wizard to some of you a while back and have finally finished my review. This software passes my scrutiny with a resounding YAAAY! For families and computer users wishing to learn piano playing, this is a very effective learning method, one which I highly endorse wholeheartedly.

Piano Wizard Academy Family Pack 50

What’s So Different About PIANO Wizard

Piano Wizard Academy is the brainchild of Christian Salter, the holder of a BA in music and another in linguistics, who believes that Music is a language that is easier to learn than English. He confesses that, initially, it seemed like “I had no talent” for music. It was only after gaining his Degrees in the field that he became determined to make music and its benefits available to all in the simplest and most effective manner possible. Hence, the birth of Piano Wizard Academy.

Piano Wizard Academy Complete Bundle

He claims that the software was developed because he became aware of the similarities between music and linguistics and the many benefits of learning music on a child’s educational growth. Besides Piano Wizard’s lengthy list of studied benefits, it brazenly tosses out the challenge that anyone can learn to play music within 15 minutes. That challenge is backed up by numerous testimonial videos on its website. Incidentally, Piano Wizard Academy is primarily a software video game designed to take anyone (not just kids) from being a musical wannabe to a musical maestro within 15 minutes of playing the game. That means that both parents and kids can participate in the learning process.

From A Boring Task to A Fun Game

Piano Wizard Academy promises to turn the traditionally boring chore of learning to play the piano into a fun activity. The software includes 200 songs and 100 lessons on dvd, as well as a real keyboard with colored stickers to place on its keys.

Tunes range from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. It claims to be “a self-contained music learning system for life”. There are additional songs available for download. From its promotional videos, proudly displayed on its site, its results seem quite impressive. Here is one example of Piano Wizard software in action:

Real Music With Fake Items

Piano Wizard professes to take its user from playing music with fake items to playing real piano music with real music sheets, even if the user has no or bad experience with learning music. They proudly insist that “it’s as simple and entertaining as playing a game and it doesn’t even matter if they have already had bad music experiences?” This is great news for parents who have had unsatisfactory and frustrating results from trying to teach their children to learn to play the piano. Through a revolutionary strategy, Piano Wizard teaches its users to transfer what they learn from playing the game to reading and playing actual music sheets.

Piano Wizard Academy Family Pack 50

Strengthening Family Bonds

The program provides supporting evidence for helping to strengthen family bonds while using it to accomplish its primary goal. Despite the fact that parents acquire Piano Wizard with the kids in mind, the whole family can gather around the keyboard to test out their individual musical skills. Even children born with disabilities may be able to participate, as seen in this testimonial video.

Jed’s story

Making Sweet Music Together

It is because of the visual evidence provided that I highly recommend that interested users and computer owners purchase this software. It is not often that, in the computer world, you find a piece of software with no objectionable features that the whole family can partake of. After a thorough investigation of Piano Wizard Academy, noting its numerous awards in its field and seeing the reactions of parents and kids, I highly and without any hesitation recommend the purchase of this product by interested consumers. I firmly believe that this is one piece of family software that will have us making sweet music together for a long time. I leave you with a final look at the software in action.

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