Setting up your System for Safe, Effective Home-computing

Setting up your System for Safe, Effective Home-computing

October 19, 2018 0 By Muhammad

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Gearing up to go Online

I am aware that many of you reading this may not have your own computer system at home at present. You may be in the process of purchasing one or somehow getting one. Be aware that owning a home computer requires the process of setting it up for internet usage. Unlike computers in the school or other places of acess, there are a few tasks that you must personally accomplish to have an internet based operating computer at home.

In this lesson, we shall cover the necessary tasks and basic programs to set up your computer system in an efficient and safe operating environment for home and personal use. While there are various ways in which this can be accomplished, I shall try to provide you with the basics for safe personal computing.

There are many programs developed for protecting your safety online, so I offer the named facilities as familiar references only. Feel free to conduct your own research for similar products. These tips are offered primarily to ensure your safe and efficient computing experience as you advance in your development..

First Priority: reliable isp/modem and effective antivirus

In any serious discussion addressing computer operation, it is safe to assume that you will take full advantage of the power of the internet at some point in your development. Assuming that you have acquired your own personal computer, your first major task would be to arrange to set up an internet connection, protected with an effective antivirus program..

To accomplish this task, you will need to contact your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to arrange for an account. Your provider should provide you with all the necessary hardware to connect to the internet as well as vital protective programs such as antivirus and other protective software as needed. Once set up, you can decide for yourself on the use of other protective programs.

Through your ISP, you should receive needed hardware, called a modem, with all its necessary cables and protective software, to connect your computer to the cyber world. Modems are of various models and features. As long as your ISP accepts a particular model, you should be alright.

Be sure to save your connecting account information in a safe and handy spot for easy recollection when needed. You will usually be required to gain account access (internet access) through a password. If this password falls into the wrong hands, your account, along with all your important information, will be compromised. So treat this task with utmost care.

An email address

Once you have an online account, you will also be given a personal address online (email) to receive and establish contact with people around the world. This address requires you to create both a secret username and password (preferably separate from those of your service account) with which to gain access to your messages.

This account operates similar to your physical mailbox, only faster. Mail can be sent and received any where in the world within seconds! Physical packages, though, still require standard mail services. You can have more than one email accounts. Apart from your ISP, there are many email services, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

A social contact

Every home computer arrives with it’s own supplied operating system that gives it its functions and operating capacity. As you reach out to the internet, you will find social programs, like Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, etc, to be quite handy for exchanging and gaining information and creating new friends.

Whichever social programs you decide to engage with are strictly your own choice. Choose whichever programs will further your interests. Amongst these programs are both paid and free-to-join affiliate marketing groups. Affiliates are internet-based marketers of all-different types and persuasions. If you are so inclined, you can join these groups.

Video Resources for research and Fun

One effective feature of computing is ease and variety of research and entertainment. That includes ready access to video, film, training and discussion. You will find video-based training and entertainment in various fields and topics readily available on free membership sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Again, the choice of all sites are totally individual based on individual interests. Whether you wish to join paid or free sites is up to you. This is an aspect that only computing offers to you.

There are many video and film resources offered freely online, ex. kodi, free movies, universal tv. These resources range from cinema to television. Depending on your tastes and interests, you may partake of applications and resources of your choice. Be aware that some of these applications require payment to use and some may be illegal where you reside, Please read the applicable notes for each application you choose.

Choosing Effective browsers.

The programs which connect you to the resources of the internet are called “Browsers”. You have your choice of many types and features usually freely available to you, depending on your interests. Usually, they can be downloaded freely from their manufacturer’s and distributors’ websites.

You are not limited to using any one browser on your system. Feel free to experiment with browsers until you find one that is satisfactory for your needs. A word of caution: Research every item of interest on the internet before engaging in it.

Parting Words

With these tasks accomplished, you should be in quite a satisfactory position to immerse yourself in the world of home-computing without unnecessary fear of the power of the computer to invade your privacy. These tasks should enable you to get up to speed and identify your potential on the “web” (or its potential for you).

Depending upon your desires and inclinations, your reasons for interaction with computers, etc, you will discover many more opportunities and advantages than I can offer in this short article.

My intent is only to show you the basic necessities in gearing up for exploring the vista of cyberspace. You will discover your own pathway once there. It is my sincere wish that computing be one of the most rewarding endeavors in your life.

If this article has helped you in any way, please leave me a comment below. Thank you.

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