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Have you ever felt that your browser was missing some feature or capability that would enhance its productivity in a particular instance? How about being able to take a snapshot of a screenpage or item on your screen of interest to a particular article you may be writing? How about being able to automatically listen to your favorite music or watch tv while browsing the internet? There are hundreds of browser shortcomings that arise when we are engaged in our internet pursuits.

Thankfully, we are not alone. Many of these shortcomings are addressed by programs which we can add to our browsers as we deem necessary, for free. For Windows users (as well as users of other systems), we can find these enhancements in the Microsoft store, indicated on the monitor’s taskbar (at the bottom of your monitor) as a little bag icon with Microsoft’s trademarked logo. NB. You may be required to sign in to your Windows account before being allowed access to the store.


Herein lies a virtual treasure chest of programs designed to operate with Windows-based computers! As usual, there are both free and commercial types. The choice is yours. On your first visit to the store, I would advise that you take the time to view All the Free items which you have access to before viewing Paid items. Chances are that you will find a Free item that will satisfy your need. If you wish a more sophisticated program, you can always purchase the commercial version of a program that you have used before.


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To slect the programs you desire, simply select the Program name and READ the description given to ensure that the program is what you really want. If it does not match what you are seeking, you can continue searching till you find something suitable. Click the item and it will replace the previous selection. NB: Programs are arranged according to the type, Free or Paid.


One absolutely precious feature of the store layout is the clarity with which you can determine if an item is totally free to use. Programs requiring costs up front give such indications, for the most part! I say “for the most part” because a few programs have been surreptitiously taking payments for extremely short evaluation times of their effectiveness.

That is why I am stressing that you read the descriptions of All programs offerred. Should you fall prey to such programs, follow the instructions to seek immediate refund of your money. Personally, I must admit all calls made have been successful thus far .

To obtain a program from the store, bearing in mind the aforementioned information, simply choose the indicated method to obtain it, either “get” or “install” as indicated. The program is downloaded and installed immediately, either to your browser or its own folder as needed.

Once installed, you will be informed by the installer that the process is finished and you will be invited to use the program immediately.


As mentioned, the store ensures that programs chosen are installed in their appropriate areas. Additionally icons are installed along the browsers when needed to indicate browser-based programs. This is one aspect of enhancement about which you should have no worry.

You can select as many or as few programs as you wish for testing or enhancing your computer , with no limit. However, there is one caveat you should be aware of: all downloads from the store are tracked, whether you keep them or not, so don’t be surprised to see a long-removed item marked “you own this”.


In this manner, you can have at your fingertips many necessary programs for your computing needs. So take time to familiarise yourself with your computer’s taskbar offerings. You may find it to be truly a spectacular treasure trove and an amazing and endless supply of useful programs for your computer.

As easily as these programs will work with your specific machine, they can just as easily be removed if needed. Simply click the Windows icon at the far left of your taskbar (below your monitor) to open your inventory bar. Find the program you wish to remove.

With your secondary mouse (not your main key), click on the program to select secondary choices until you find the uninstall command. Click that and the program will be uninstalled from your computer. It’s that simple!

A word of advice! There are programs that ask for your credit card to register your user account , even while claiming to be free, OCCASIONALLY check with your Bank to prevent fraudulent charges.

If you find this info useful, kindly drop me a comment. It will be appreciated. Happy computing.

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