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May 14, 2018 0 By Muhammad

WELCOME TO https://freecomputertrainingforbeginners.com/ Glad you are here.

However you got here, I assume you have got your hands on a computer of some sort and have decided to take advantage of its features. That’s great! I am Muhammad and I would like to help you learn to use the greatest communication tool so far invented – the computer. It does not matter your age or the age of your machine. As long as you can get here without problems, we’ll get along fine. Since your computer is simply a tool, you can upgrade to whatever model you may desire at any time. Each new model comes with various new features to allow you to perform tasks smoother and faster than you may have been accustomed to. But that’s another story. As we get more familiar with each other, I will inform you of new items within the computing environment which you may wish to partake of. Whatever catches your fancy, feel free to indulge in. In the meantime, I would appreciate your feedback in the form of questions or comments to help others new to the computing world.  I have helped hundreds of users, some of whom have gone on to teach me a thing or two. Owing to the speed and variety of progress in computing, I shamelessly admit that there are questions I may not have immediate answers for, but I promise to point you in the correct direction to get your answers. Together we shall make computing an absolutely exciting  activity. You will be pecking along on your computer in record time.

Once again, welcome to Free Basic Computer Training Online.


Note:  I am available for paid personal in-home  training  for Clark County, Las Vegas residents only. Fee varies by distance. Call 7027089084 or send us an  email
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